Signs You Might Have Unseen Mold In Your House


Mold is not always a black-and-white problem. Sometimes it is gray, or green. Seriously, all kidding aside, it is metaphorically not black and white. You do not always spot it, nor do you always know that mold is lurking somewhere in your house. However, you can easily spot other signs that mold may be present.

LOTS of Tiny Flies

Where there is moisture and mold, there is a breeding ground for insects. If you contend with tons of tiny flying insects all over your home, you no doubt have mold somewhere. These tiny flies include drain flies, phorid flies, and fruit flies, all of which are tiny and love to lay eggs in moldy and molding organic material. Check all of the pipes and areas surrounding the plumbing in your home. Then, look for leaks in your ceilings and roof. If these tiny flies are popping out and are disturbed into a swarm, you have found a potential area for mold.

Ceilings That Squish

Most homeowners typically do not go around poking their ceilings and looking for areas that squish. However, if you are looking for mold that you cannot see, this is definitely the way to do it.

  1. Start by poking ceilings in the corners of rooms and hallways.
  2. Use your hands and fingers so that you can feel for cold spots, which are indicative of wet areas.
  3. Gently push up with your fingers. If you feel the ceiling soften, push upward with pressure,  and then sink back down, there might be mold above it.

A professional mold restoration and/or remediation specialist/contractor will need to be hired to confirm what you discover through this "push on the ceiling" process.

People Are Constantly Sick

Mold, even the non-toxic kind, makes people sick. If you or anyone in your house is allergic to mold, you will constantly be sick. All of your allergy symptoms will be reactivated every time you come back into the house.

When you only seem to better and healthier away from home, there is a very good chance that mold is somewhere in your house and that the spores are circulating in the air. If no one in your house has ever been diagnosed with any allergy, get everyone tested, especially those who seem sick the most often. If mold is a confirmed allergy for select individuals, definitely get your home inspected and tested for mold to prevent further illness. Companies like Disaster Professionals can help.


17 September 2018

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