How To Keep Your Pets Safe If Your Home Is Water Damaged


If your home has water damage from a flood, a leak or another issue, you need to ensure your pet is safe while you take steps to mediate the damage or while you wait for a damage contractor to help you. Unfortunately, water damage or flooding can affect animals adversely in a number of ways. Here's what to keep in mind to protect your pet: 1. Water damage to electrical wires could cause fires.

5 February 2016

Health & Structural Damage Precautions To Take When Your Basement Is Flooded


One of the worst disasters homeowners face is when their basements flood. Not only are there health risks due to contamination and electrical shock, a flooded home is extremely susceptible to extensive structural damage. If your home ever experiences a flood, there are several important things to understand before you attempt to remove the water and restore your home back to pre-flood condition. Here's what you need to know. Take precautions for your health

24 August 2015

How To Restore Your Turn Of The Century Home's Moldy And Water-Damaged Wood Floors


Part of the charm of owning a historic home comes from its interior woodwork and original hardwood floors. If you are lucky enough that your turn of the century home's antique woodwork and flooring are still intact, you should do all you can to preserve them, even after a flood or other water damage. Here are some tips to help you clean and repair your home's wood flooring after it has been damaged by water.

19 August 2015